Craig ‘Mr. Groove” Lane,   Avery “Captain” Sims

DEF MACHINE was form in 2014 between two life long friends (Craig Lane and Avery Sims) who had been producing music for years. Craig “Mr. Groove” Lane, a keyboard player as a youth was an original band member of RJ’s Latest Arrival and Al Hudson & Oneway Craig was also apart of Slum Village’s production team. Avery Sims, a Bass Player who studied with the likes of Lamont Johnson (Brainstorm & Niteflyte) Bill Buddha Dickens (Ramsey Lewis, Aretha Franklin) and Victor Wooten while attending Victors Wooten Bass Camp Avery also studied with Upright Bassist Paul Keller and Romanian Classical Pianist Viorica Burca. Together these two bring multiple genre’s of music consisting of: R&B, Funk, Hip Hop, Pop, Nu Metal, & Country. You have now Enter DEF MACHINE. 


ELUSIV / Writer / Vocal Producer 

Maria a.k.a ELUSIV joined the DEF MACHINE team April 2019. Last year was a breakout year for ELUSIV’s album “Timeless” getting recognized by the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) in two Categories “Best Soul Album”. and “Best Newcomer” receiving an award for both at the ceremony held London England which she did attend. ELUSIV skill sets include Song Writer, and Vocal Producer.

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Amber “AB” Boone / Marketing / Branding

Amber Boone also known as “AB Joined the DEF MACHINE team October 1, 2020. Amber serves as an influencer and motivator thru her podcast Thirty, Flirty, and Thriving. A CMU (Central Michigan University) graduate with skill sets in Marketing, Branding, and Talent Development.

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Keeda Shar’da / Producer / Lyricist / Song Arranger  

Keeda Shar’da joined DEF MACHINE team October 1, 2020. after Spending a year in Atlanta working with such artist as Da Brat, Detroit’s own Tone Tone, and Shorty The Prince just to name a few with skill sets as a Lyricist, Music Producer, and Song Arranger Keeda brings a lot of creativity to the DEF MACHINE team.